The Band


3 Sheets to the Wind is a band of musicians dedicated to creating melodic music that yields moments of beauty. Not restricted by style, we play pieces from all around the world – Ireland, Scotland, England, Brasil, France, Puerto Rico, America and more. Our main criteria is that the tunes and songs are interesting and challenging to us, and of course, fun! The combination and interplay of guitars, mandolins, whistles, cuatro, banjos and percussion create unique textures that sets the sound of Three Sheets to the Wind apart from the throng….

We have wowed audiences at Turning Wave and Uranquinty and  performed at the Merry Muse Folk Club and the Wagga Musicana festival in November 2013. “What a magic weekend. Musical highlights? …Three Sheets to the Wind – especially the songs on Banjo”. Jason Roweth (about Turning Wave Festival). 3 Sheets to the Wind will be performing at the National Folk Festival in Canberra and St Alban’s Festival in early 2014.

Our Members:

 Steve McDonaSteveMc (2)ld

Steve is a player – can’t stop himself! He combines gentle but forceful fingerpicking accompaniment parts with subtle melodic forays on guitar, occasionally dabbling with 5 string banjo clawhammer style and ultimately sensitive and tasteful dobro playing. He comes from a long background of folk, blues and occasional ventures into pub bands and pop music. He provides Three Sheets to the Wind with a really solid basis.


Lainey Keir
Lainey started her music journey playing recorders as a founding member of the band “Mothers of Intention” Everything changed when a friend gave her an Overton low D whistle for a birthday present and she was hooked, using this beautiful instrument to bring a depth and resonance to the “Mothers” Celtic sound.8 years on Lainey has 12 of these beautiful instruments crafted in aluminium, pear wood and brass and is playing all kinds of music – Gypsy Jazz, Blue Grass, Old Time and Asturian as well as old favourites Irish and Scottish with bands including the Mothers of Intention, Badja River Quartet and now 3 Sheets to the Wind.Over 16 years she has played at many folk festivals including St Albans, Illawarra, Turning Wave, The National Folk Festival, Kangaroo Valley, Dorrigo, The Snowy Mountains Festival of Music, The National Celtic Festival, Beechworth, Uranquinty and recently The Wagga Jazz Festival.


Col Bernau
Col plays guitar, mandolin, cuatro and other stringed instruments in TSW and over the years has worked with many well known artists, ranging from Australian acts like Jade Hurley, Daryl Braithwaite, Simon Gallagher, Jackie Love and Normie Rowe in the cabaret and rock fields and Ricky May and Erroll Buddle in the jazz field, to international stars such as Al Martino and Thelma Houston, plus supported a broad variety of international and national artists, varying from B.B. King, Joe Cocker, Leo Sayer, the Pointer Sisters and Hot Chocolate to Renee Geyer, Split Enz , John Paul Young and Jon English.In 1995 Col performed with Big City in Beijing and in 2006 was part of the Australasian Mandolin Orchestra which toured through Germany and the Netherlands, culminating in a performance at the BDZ Festival in Bamberg, a festival of of plucked stringed instruments from all around the world, with over 80 ensembles playing. In 2005 he was an original founder of the mandolin ensemble COZMO. The interest in mandolin also lead him into folk music, so in recent years he’s been going to festivals around the country and playing with a variety of musical ventures, including the Jim Stubbs Backing Band. Col currently also plays in Be Be Gee, a 9 piece corporate band, and a jazz duo with bassist Martin Lambert.

Nina Hasler3-Sheets-011-LowRes

The youngest member of the band, Nina has a voice that ranges from light and floating to a husky growl. Nina also contributes fingerstyle guitar and a growing body of her own compositions. Even more importantly, she lowers the average band age markedly!  🙂

Three Sheets to the Wind are available to add that je ne sais quoi to your function
For bookings, contact Lainey 0419 607 486;  Email:

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